Mitchell Caton

Mitchell Caton was a African American painter who studied at AM&N College. Caton painted a number of murals based in the Chicago area. His paintings depicted the Afro- American community and poverty within African American neighborhoods. His paintings also show famous black musicians. Caton  was most active during the 1970’s painting along side other black artists such as Lois Mailou Jones. What I enjoy most about Caton’s work is that it has significant meaning not only to him, but a community as well. I feel as though Caton’s paintings was a way for him to give back to his community by painting iconic murals that show what every African American was going through during that time. In addition, I like the different colors that he used. I feel a since of boldness and power, and the fact that he incorporated words within his paintings adds to the abstractness of the murals. I choose to share about Caton because I myself being African American and being from a low income community, but having the talent to paint I would also consider to make paintings on a larger scale for my community to enjoy and be proud of as well. Maybe not murals, but on a larger canvas.


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